The Flower of Grass

John Allen returns to his small Tennessee home town following the death of his abusive, alcoholic father. He has been gone nearly twenty years, living in Los Angeles where he has become a successful author, but also followed in his father's addictive footsteps. Now sober, he comes home to make amends-to his younger brother, also struggling with alcoholism, and to his older sister-for all the years he spent running away from their abusive family life, leaving them to fend for themselves while he chased after his dreams.

The most important person driving John's return, however, is Jessie-the girl he left after high school graduation, the love of his life, and he hers. They had promised one another their hearts, and John swore he would send for her to join him once he had established himself. But his desperation to flee from the brokenness and pain of his past, the nightmares that haunt him, and his desire for the "medication" offered by a world of fame and fortune cause him to abandon the town and everyone in it, including Jessie. Eventually, his letters to her stop coming.

Over time, she loses hope in John's return and eventually marries Tuck, a lifelong and ever-faithful friend. Now John returns, and Jessie is torn between her desire to be with him and yet be true to herself and her husband. To make things worse, her father has died and her mother is gravely ill.

John and Jessie must discover what remains of their love, and at what cost it might be rekindled. And in searching for something long ago lost, they find redemptive healing they could not have imagined.

The Flower of Grass (taken from 1 Peter 1:24) frames a classic love story around the deeper themes of passing time and mortality, the true nature of love and faith, and the delicate balance of human relationships. In seeking one another, John and Jessie learn that love can run much deeper than desire, faith can heal even the most broken of hearts, and time waits for no one.

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Book Specs:

Genre: Fiction; Debut, Women, Southern Lit

Page Count: 256

Format: Trade Paper

Publishers: Lion Hudson / Monarch Books, UK and Kregel, U.S.

Release Date: July/August 2008